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file01. Daily Life.flac2021-10-10 11:107839 KB
file02. Unquiet.flac2021-10-10 11:102835 KB
file03. Magician.flac2021-10-10 11:1013512 KB
file04. Protean.flac2021-10-10 11:108686 KB
file05. Regret.flac2021-10-10 11:103261 KB
file06. Persona Summoners.flac2021-10-10 11:1015844 KB
file07. 友達だから.flac2021-10-10 11:108230 KB
file08. Infinity Possible.flac2021-10-10 11:1013492 KB
file09. Guess the Incident.flac2021-10-10 11:108612 KB
file10. Sense of Isolation.flac2021-10-10 11:105967 KB
file11. all of the full moon.flac2021-10-10 11:1011030 KB
file12. Pure One Heart.flac2021-10-10 11:109427 KB
file13. For Life.flac2021-10-10 11:1018208 KB
file14. More Than One Heart.flac2021-10-10 11:1039057 KB
filecover.jpg2021-10-10 11:09181 KB
filePERSONA3 THE MOVIE #1 Spring of Birth Soundtrack CD.cue2021-10-10 11:091 KB
filePERSONA3 THE MOVIE #1 Spring of Birth Soundtrack CD.log2021-10-10 11:0914 KB